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#Hadoop Explained

Hadoop is one of the most important technologies in a world that is built on data. Find out how it has developed and progressed to address the continuing challenge of Big Data with this insightful guide.
#What You Will Learn
Find out how Hadoop has changed with the data landscape, as organizations around the world have come to rely upon its speed and dynamism
Learn how MapReduce organizes and processes large sets of data and how this informs Hadoop
Discover the advantages of Hadoop - from scalability to security, see how Hadoop handles huge amounts of data with care
Identify the components that are central to how Hadoop functions
Fill in your details below and find out more about one of the most talked about areas of the tech landscape with this free eBook.

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#What you need to know about R

Discover one of the most powerful functional programming languages on the planet with this free eBook. This title is the perfect first step into the world of R where you will learn about the core concepts, libraries, and packages. With R by your side you’ll be ready to start producing your own customizable scripts, commands, and more!
#What You Will Learn
Master the major R development practices and core features
Dive into statistical analysis of data in order to solve your problems
Understand the workings of both RStudio and R Shiny
Get an overview of Math and Model building, plotting, and data processing

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