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The largest Arabic community for Free and Open Source

A community that aims to spread and enrich the culture of Free and Open Source in the Arab world, and to facilitate contribution and participation in it.




Aosus dictionary aims to create an Arabic dictionary to contribute to the translation of free and open source software into the Arabic language using a translation understandable by everyone.


The largest part of the Aosus project, which is dedicated to everyone in contributing to the enrichment of technical Arabic content, specialized in free and open source software and hardware.


Aosus Writing Award

The first award of its kind in the Arab world
An award to motivate writers to write high quality topics on free and open sources, with financial prizes of up to 1,000 Saudi riyals.

Who are we ? 

AOSUS community is non-profit established by a group of Arab technical from different countries of the world, which is based on enabling and spreading awareness and culture of libre and open source software, hardware and its philosophy in the Arabic language.

Our Goal

Awareness and dissemination of the idea and philosophy of free and open source software & hardware in the Arab world.

Our Vision

To be a pioneering in raising awareness and dissemination about the free and open source movement in the Arab world on the scale of hardware and software in order to fill the needs to depend on the knowledge needs for operation and development.

Our Value

Collaboration, Transparency, Commitment, Responsibility and Privacy

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Latest updates in AOSUS community

التسلسل الزمني

The beginning
The beginning

The beginning was on social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram, where members seek to have a community on the web different from Linux Arabic Community and be unique in offering and contributing to the world of free and open source software. 

The Launch
Launch AOSUS

AOSUS was established by a group of Arab Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) enthuse in 2016 as a full community of free and open source software that aims to disseminate and raise awareness for Arabic speakers in all countries of the world. 

Held the first localization workshop for open source software

Several open source software such as Discourse and Rocket Chat, and many of them were localized by the efforts of members of the Aosus community. 

Support Arab projects

The beginning of the first support for Arab projects concerned with free and open source software by providing financial and infrastructure support.

Merge between two groups on the Telegram platform

It aimed to merge and expand in order to have new members with aspirations and energies to contribute to free and open source software. The team decided to merge the two groups of Aosus and the GNU Linux group into one group to persevere in efforts and continue publishing Arabic content.

Starting the Aosus Writing Award

The first award of its kind in the Arab world. A monthly award to motivate the writing of content on free and open resources in the Arabic language.
With financial prizes of up to 1000 Saudi riyals!

Joined to the Open Collective Platform

We have joined Open Collective (OC) community who founded the Open Collective platform, as one of the first Arab projects to join, so that we have high financial independence and transparency.
Now all future costs, expenses, and support for AOSUS community appear on Open Collective.